The Easiest Way To Organize All Your Excess Cords!
The Quick & Easy Solution to All Your Cord Chaos
From Cluttered to Clean
From Tangled to Tidy
From Sloppy to Streamlined
You'll Want A Kord Keeper in Every Room of Your House!
Other products wrap up cords but DON’T hide them from view! With Kord Keeper, cords stay out of sight but still within reach. Just stick it on top of an existing wall outlet to organize any room in seconds!

Just Wrap Excess Cord Inside, Close The Cover, and The Cord is Nowhere in Sight!
Conceal Cords From...
Phone, Tablet, Computer, Stereo, Speakers, Lamps, Kitchen Appliances, Gaming Consoles, Electric Toothbrush, Electric Shaver & So Much More!
Exclusive TV Offer!
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